Диалог 05 - Замяткин

Автор: Замяткин

Название книги: Диалог 05

Длительность аудио mp3: 00:44

Дата добавления: 2016-12-25

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Come on in, let me show you around.
Here's the living room.

Great! The view from this window is wonderful.

This is the kitchen.
It looks new.

Yes, we renovated just last year and replaced all the appliances.

Just look at all the closet space in the master bedroom!

Well, I'm sure you can fill these closets in no time!

Oh come on, give me a break. I don't have that much stuff.

And here's the bathroom.

What did you say the rent was?

Thirteen hundred dollars a month.

Does that include utilities?

It includes heat, gas, and hot water.
Electricity and telephone are extra.

When will the apartment be available?

On the first of the month.

We like it a tot, but we'll have to think about it.
Can we call you tomorrow?


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