Один плохой парень слева 4 трупа - полуночные рыцари круглого стола

Автор: полуночные рыцари круглого стола

Название книги: Один плохой парень ( слева 4 трупа)

Длительность аудио mp3: 03:01

Дата добавления: 2017-01-10

Текст просмотрен: 439


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Текст книги/предисловия:

Well I'm a half-ton son of a gun
with a suitcase full of pistols and money.
Come dawn, woman, I'm gone
But tonight can be your lifetime honey.
God damn girl. I'm your man girl.
I'll get your engine singin'.
This sounds good, let me under your hood
and we can find out what I'm bringin'.

I'm one bad man.
One bad man.

Well I'm a blood hound heading straight down
looking for some women and whiskey.
I park fine to stop at night.
Then I'm looking for a kitty to frisk me.
Nice legs. Making the bank.
Your mini and your at six mile.
Let's leg beat. Go back to your place
or outta your cage for a while.

I'm one bad man.
One bad man.

The next mornin', you're still snorin'.
Pick my leathers up off the floor.
Raffle through your purse. Got to quench my thirst
and I'm headin' straight out your door.
Well well, see me in hell. Why go past the clouds at all.
Some day I'll back this way.
Does your sister want to have some fun?

One bad man. Yeah! Ooh!
One bad man. (x5)

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