About the something OST Антикиллер 3 - Manicure

Автор: Manicure

Название книги: About the something (OST Антикиллер 3)

Длительность аудио mp3: 03:11

Дата добавления: 2017-03-19

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Текст книги/предисловия:

You chilled me with the hint of suicide
You said you're dying just to meet tonight
I know you've never been that innocent
You know I'm dying to inhale your scent
You walk a lonely street to me alone
You never phone me in front of everyone
You've got new things to talk to me about
You drink white wine and then the story start
It's so really fun as we lie down on the ground
And there is no wonder if we stayed alive
Rockstars must survive
My tape recorder plays the second side
I'm telling you 'i'm turning off the light'
I'm asking you if everything was fine
You smile and then I lose all tracks of time
I feel I'm trying to romanticise
Big hair, fake love, eyeshadows lie sometimes
You know I always gonna feel like this
You know it seems this time I've done the tricks

7 sins soundtrack
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