Listen to me,Looking at me тема-Рио2011 - Форсаж 5-

Автор: Форсаж 5-

Название книги: Listen to me,Looking at me (тема-Рио)2011

Длительность аудио mp3: 03:50

Дата добавления: 2017-01-09

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Текст книги/предисловия:

Listen to me,
Looking at me,
I think of you.
I am whispering ,
I am singing
This my song for you.

So sad…
You must be think about
I am waiting for your love...
Just look around.
I need…
To be with you tonight. I want be with like!
So don't give up

Форсаж-5-Listen To Me, Looking At Me
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