The Canterville Ghost - Edenbridge

Автор: Edenbridge

Название книги: The Canterville Ghost

Длительность аудио mp3: 07:45

Дата добавления: 2017-02-01

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The Canterville Ghost

Time stands still in canterville
For ages this curse lays upon
Pass the night walking for fourhundred years
Longing for this liaison

The barren almond once shed the leaves
The splendour has crumbled away
This harm was done and the green-eyed one
Once it had led him astray

Here in the absence of light
Let a willing ear roam
And far into the night
A ray of hope will lead you home

So will you stand beside
Among those evil-eyed
Voices will whisper into your ear
So believe youre immune
So will you beg and pray
To leave this endless gray
Once of his age he was boast
The canterville ghost

Bathing in tears and swim in delight
Yearning for feelings long gone
One sorry sight, one fly by night
As this girl in her prime came on

But love will be stronger, than life and death
When cupids dart has hidden you
As if by magic the almond will bloom
The beginning of something new

Tears for my sins
I have no more
Now pray for me
I know what for
Angel will you
Have mercy now
And the house shall be still

Edenbridge - The Canterville Ghost
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