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Название книги: Cat's Meow

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Дата добавления: 2017-01-29

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I can see it when you're feeling low
You can't hide that from me
You're no status quo calico
So why keep trying to be?

'Cause you're more than that
You're my doggish cat
I wish you could see the you I see

I say if you bark celebrate it
Make your mark serenade it
Noah's ark
Shoulda had a cat like you

And if what you are is a strange you
Doesn't mean you should change you
Only means
You should change your point of view

Hey, feline you fetch just fine
To thine ownself be true
Your bow wow's the cat's meow
It's how I know you're you

You don't need the bows or tiara
Bid your woes sayonara
Trust your nose
'Cause it knows the way to go

When you chase your tail
You're enchanting spirits sail
When you're panting
When you wail
You're a rover, Romeo

There is not one hair of you
That I would rearrange
I love you the way you are
And that will never change
That will never change

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