The Master and Margarita(english quotations from the book)

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...and so who are you, after all?
-I am part og the powerr which forever wills evil and forever works good
Goethe's Faust

" i couldn't agree more!"concurred the stranger, his eye agleam, and he continued,"But this is what disturbs me: if there is no God, then, the question is, who is in control of man's life and the whole order of things on Earth?..." "I'm sorry, but in order to be in control, you have to have a definite plan for at least a reasonable period of time. So how, may I ask, can man be in control, if he can't even draw up a plan for a ridiculously short period of time, say, a thousand years, and its more over, unable to ensure his own safety for even the next day?..."

"Yes, man is mortal, but that isn't so bad. What's bad is that sometimes he's unexpectedly mortal, that's the rub!... "

"The brick is neither here nor there, it never merely falls on someones had from out of nowhere."

"no, that can't be...Because Annushka has already bought the sunflower oil and not just bought it, but spilled it as well..."

"Here's what the sunflower oil has to do with it", interjected Bezdomny suddenly...
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"no, no proof is required."

"i can cut that thread"(Pilate)
"you are mistaken about that too...don't you agree that that thread can only be cut by one who hung it?"(Yeshua Ha-Notstri)

"there are no evil people in the world"

"Good people"

"It is very easy and pleasant to tell the truth"

"immortality...Immortality has come..."

"the seventh proof"
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Ухх класно!!)) спс большое)
А можно еще про Ершалаим?
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*мечтает о книге на английском языке* где ее можно приобрести?
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sorry, no etogo ponjatija ne imejy. sama sly4ajno natknylas na nee y podrygi.

Dina, objazatelno vupiwy, eto tolko na4alo)))
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о!! я вот как раз начала сегодня читаь англ вариант
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а я уже читаю англ. вариант, в интернете)
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